Glass Work

My glass work can be architecturally oriented - commercial work,  transoms over doors in a vintage home, pantry door glass, lighting. Or it can be personal - mementos made for weddings, anniversaries or a family crest. Or perhaps you are interested in getting his showpiece car sandblasted into a stunning piece for over the bar. All my pieces are original, custom and personal. Give me a call to discuss your project. 519-364-1503


Wildwood Studio offers sandblasted house numbers. I offer many different styles, but can customize a stone to your needs. Would you like the number, the number and a border, or the number and your street? Your astrological sign? Permanently etched there will never be need for replacement. Call me for more Info. 519-364-1503


Please contact me if you are interested in a mural. We can discuss your needs. Pictured here are a few I have worked on.