Deri Chilton Russell

about the artist

Most of my life I have been involved in making my images. These days, as I am passing quickly through middle age, I concentrate on acrylic painting to suave my artistic soul. Images from my area in SW Ontario mostly, although occasionally my travels bring me new fodder for my work.  Lately I have been working more on reflections, refraction and translucents. Trying to capture light in its brilliance or melancholy, as the case may be. I hope my paintings inspire, illuminate or perhaps make you reminisce. I hope they move you a little. 


The Society of Canadian Artists -juried in

April 2018

The Federation of Canadian Artists -juried in January 2018

The Walldogs -

I am an active member of the Walldogs. The Walldogs are a group of Artists who go from Community to Community painting murals for them. A Town or City applies to us to come to their area and create murals to enhance their economic development. Perhaps they have lost industry or there has been a natural disaster in their community. If the community is chosen between 100 and 350 of us go there and paint between 12 and 24 murals in 4 days. Our organization designs and paints the murals and in exchange they feed and house the artists. I have been across the States, Canada and to Australia with the Walldogs over the last 15 years. 

* I attended Georgian College, Owen Sound,  general arts program - incl. illustration, life drawing, art history, graphic design, typography, photography, textiles -then did graphics specialization- graduated in 1981. 
* '81 to '85  -Junior Graphic Designer  Mississauga ON
* 1985 to 2015- Continued art education courses at least yearly  -including extensive glass courses-sandblasting, sandcarving, metal gilding (18 & 24 k gold, engine turning, silver, copper) glue chipping, acid etching, photo etching
* self taught in Computer Graphics, CorelDraw (3 to X7), Corel Photopaint programs and large format digital printer RIP software

* attended large mural and letter conventions-  worked at sign lettering,  projection and pictorial techniques and sculpture moulding
* had a professional sign studio from 1993-2015

* January 2016 to present

changed my artistic focus to fine art mediums and started painting acrylics. Now I paint, make limited prints of my paintings, and apply my painted images to materials made into dresses, scarves and leggings. 


"Whispers through the cedars, this way home" "Grief" and "Need a lift" shown at the Federation of Canadian Artists Show Up Show- Toronto Sept. 2021

"50 shades of Pink" Shown in the Society of Canadian Artists 53rd Open International Juried Exhibition- July-Sept. 2021

"Brandy's Lane in Winter" and "The waves laughed and danced as they hit the rock shore" shown in the Federation of Canadian Artists Spring Forward Online Exhibition -May 2021

"Reflections" was juried into the Society of Canadian Artists Open Online International juried exhibition- Mar-June 2021

"White Orchids on my window sill" shown in Federation of Canadian Artists "Blooms" Show- April 2019

"Down at the Docks" and "I help Grampa" shown in Society of Canadian Artists 2019 International Juried online exhibition​-March 15-June 15 2019

"The Curve of her Wings" shown in the 2018 Federation of Canadian Artists juried show "Wildlife" -May 2018

Honourable Mention- Federation of Canadian Artists juried show "Canvas Unbound" February 2018 -"Pulling the Energy"

1st place and cover-Grey, Bruce Simcoe Counties Art Calendar Show and Sale -summer 2017 for 2018 calender-"Standing in the Surf" 


1st place -BAC Juried Show Walkerton ON April 2017  -"S Bend at Blue Water Lakes"

Family Scatcherd Award- Paint Ontario March 2017 -"Down at the Docks"

2nd place- Distinguished Artist Online Juried show-theme call Horses June 2016

-"Workin' It!" 


Outstanding Artist- ArtAscent Magazine June 2017 "Copper John"